What is BBQ Chicken Pizza? And Who Invented It?

BBQ chicken pizza is so well-known these days that we never stop to think about who created this delicious creation. Whether you agree with this unlikely combination, you must give credit to the creator of such an odd pairing. If you believed BBQ chicken pizza was a new, millennial creation, wrong!

How invented the BBQ chicken pizza?

In addition to his many accomplishments, Edward M. LaDou popularized gourmet California-style pizza. Wolfgang Puck’s Spago restaurant in Los Angeles hired him as its first pizza chef.

In Berkeley, California, Chez Panisse, owned by Alice Waters, was the first pizza restaurant to serve California-style pizza. While Waters created pizzas with exotic and unusual toppings cooked in wood-burning pizza ovens, LaDou played a major role in their development and popularity. When toppings like these were highly unorthodox at the time, LaDou was famous for introducing unusual ingredients into his pizza recipes. Some examples include a pizza with duck breasts and hoisin sauce and a pizza with barbecue chicken.

 Where did the pizza originate?

Shredded chicken, homemade BBQ sauce, onions, cilantro, and fontina cheese were the main ingredients in the original BBQ chicken pizza.

LaDou afterward opened the Caioti Pizza Café, where he kept broadening his selection of pizzas. His wife and kids carried on serving his distinctive pizza dishes at Caioti after he passed away in 2007.

Gorgonzola, porcini, ground American bison, scrambled eggs, hash browns.

The fabled BBQ chicken pizza is just a few of his most well-known pizza toppings.

Today, most pizzerias offer their take on BBQ Chicken Pizza by adding special sauces, extra toppings, and other things, but the basic components are still the same. The ingredients of Hungry Howie’s BBQ Chicken pizza include grilled chicken, onions, bacon, and mozzarella.

Can you tell me about your experience with BB Mozzarella BBQ chicken pizza?

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