About Greek Salad

Looking for a light and refreshing salad to enjoy during the warm summer months?

Then look no further than a traditional Greek salad! Greek salad, also known as village salad or Horiatiki, is the national dish of Greece and consists of quartered tomatoes, sliced red onions, and chunky slices of cucumber.

Depending on the region, there can also be olives, green peppers, feta cheese, oregano, salt, and pepper in the salad or a typical dressing made from olive oil and lemon or vinegar (optionally).

When feta cheese is present in the salad, it is usually just sliced, but in some cases, it is mixed in with a fork until slightly crumbled. Greek salad is a true summer dish, full of refreshing, raw vegetables and herbs. It is best to prepare it with ripe tomatoes in season, while the olives should be of the Kalamata variety. Served in a shallow bowl, Greek salad is on numerous Greek tables at home or in the taverns.

So why should you buy our Greek salad?

For starters, our salad is fresh and made out of only the freshest ingredients. Plus, it is a light and healthy option that is perfect for summertime. So enjoy a taste of Greece with our delicious Greek salad!

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