Margherita pizza-Bella Bella mozzarella

The Margherita pizza is a simple yet iconic pizza that highlights the flavors of Italy with its trifecta of tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, and fresh basil. This pizza represents the colors of the Italian flag – red, white, and green. Though the Margherita may seem basic, it’s anything but boring, especially when Bella Bella Mozzarella uses quality ingredients to make it. When the experts at Bella Bella Mozzarella in Frisco, Texas, craft it, this pizza sings!

The History

Chef Raffaele Esposito from Pizzeria di Pietro named the Margherita pizza after Queen Margherita of Savoy in 1889. According to legend, the Queen wanted to try authentic Neapolitan pizza when she visited Naples. Esposito created a pizza for her, designed with tomatoes, mozzarella, and basil to represent the Italian flag. The Queen loved it so much that it was named Margherita Pizza in her honor.

While additional pizza styles have increased, the Margherita represents the pure, original flavor of pizza made simply with Italian ingredients.

The Ingredients

To make a proper Margherita pizza, quality ingredients are a must:

  • Most prefer fresh, ripe San Marzano tomatoes from Italy for their sweet flavor. Tomato sauce should be seasoned with salt, olive oil, or basil – no overwhelming additives.
  • Soft, milky mozzarella cheese perfectly complements the tomatoes. Bella Bella Mozzarella’s fresh mozzarella melts deliciously.
  • Fresh basil adds aroma and brings the Margherita flavors together. It should be torn by hand just before serving to maximize flavor.
  • Only traditional Neapolitan dough will do. To create a tender, chewy crust, it should be hand-stretched and baked in a piping-hot oven.

The Perfect Bite

When stellar ingredients come together on a Margherita pizza, it’s magic. The crispy, charred crust provides a textural contrast to the soft melted cheese. Savory tomato sauce and creamy mozzarella mingle in perfect proportion. A final flourish of basil stimulates the senses.

The Margherita allows each ingredient to shine in its simplicity. Every bite should be an elegant balance of flavors and textures that highlights the essence of traditional Neapolitan pizza. This Queen of pizzas truly wears the crown.